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What is Rooting?

Rooting allows you to have complete control and access to your Android device. Just as there are different levels of control in a Windows PC, there are different levels of control in the Android OS. Rooting an Android device is similar to using a Windows PC as an Administrative user or jailbreaking an Apple device.


What Happens When I Root?

When a device is rooted some system files are modified and new files are added to the system. The Superuser app is installed on the device, which allows you to control the root function of your phone or tablet. BusyBox is also installed, allowing apps to utilize the system level control and functionality. Now applications can be given “Super User” access allowing them to be used like system apps.



Rooting can void your device's factory and/or service provider warranty. However, most rooting applications and methods can be easily reverted. On many devices, this is the only real risk. Other devices may require additional flashing of software in order to root. If this process does not complete correctly it could damage the software or brick the device.



Rooting allows you to utilize applications such as Titanium Backup to perform complete backups and recovery of your device. You can also upgrade your phone to the latest version of Android if your carrier is lagging behind in the updates. In addition you can remove pre-installed bloatware, ads, and free up space. Thus making your device run faster, more efficient, and increase your battery life. Rooting can also allow you to customize every aspect of your device with different themes, ROMs, or versions of the operating software.