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  • Pete

    “The Android Root Guy exceeded my expectations! I have used other Android guys before, and by comparison The Android Root Guy was lightning fast and extremely knowledgeable, I was actually shocked at how fast he recovered my Android phone from disaster and also updated my Galaxy Nexus with ease and not disturbing anything at all. I will use him again and would recommend Android Root Guy to everyone, honestly don’t waste time with other, I can tell you from experience this guy’s amazing, And his prices are very reasonable and lower than most.” Pete

  • Steve

    I recently purchased a galaxy s2 that needed to be rooted and unlocked. The Android Root Guy was knowledgeable, technically proficient, fast, and I genuinely felt that my happiness was paramount to him. He always kept informed when there were delays, and made sure that I understood what the next step in the process was going to be. This is unparalleled customer service.

    Ultimately, if you’re looking to get your android phone unlocked – look no further. 5 Stars!

  • Dominic Ling

    You pay for what you get. This man knows his stuff.. he was able to take a phone I wasn’t sure who it was locked to and unlock it within an hour. I will definitely do business with him again.
    Money well spent.

    Thank you

  • Abu Bakar Qureshi

    The android root guy is exceptional. I had a wonderful experience dealing with him. I would recommend everybody to him, not only is he extremely knowledgeable he is a great guy. Unlike many others online he WILL actually help you. I wish him all the success in the future! Excellent!!

  • G Burton

    Totally painless and professional. My Galaxy S2 was done inside of 15 minutes. Great service. Will use again for the next phone

  • Franz Vanden

    My Samsung Galaxy Skyrocket with ICS had bluetooth connection problems. Android Root Guy was able to re-install the GB OS and everything worked out fine. He also gave me a few tips regarding my phone. He serviced my phone in about 15 minutes and his cost was very reasonable. Highly recommended and will be my first choice if I need service again.

  • Mike Green

    android root guy was great
    my android tablet was rooted and is now better than ever

  • Morgan

    I consider The Android Root Guy to be the To-Go-professional for all your Android solutions. He’s done a number of jobs for me ranging from rooting to unlocking my phones and tablets. He is knowledgeable and delivers with high speed efficiency and effectiveness. I highly recommend him for all your Android needs.
    My name is Morgan and I approve of this message!

  • Oliver

    Android Root Guy is very professional, he works extra mile to help his clients. He is very good in technical troubleshooting and he is extra patient in helping clients! He is the best person to find any mobile help! Appreciate your service! I will come back always and refer a lot of my friends about your great service!

  • Salman Shaikh

    Awesome service ….

  • http://kijiji James

    It was worth the drive from Cambridge. Thank you very much.

  • Jay Iron

    ATTENTION DEAL SEEKERS: The Android Guy is the TRUTH. he not only will save u money but he stands by his work, delivers on every promise and does not waste any time getting the job done. If u employ his services he WILL NOT DISAPPOINT.

  • Kevin Smith

    Androidrootguy is the best!
    He rooted my Rogers S2 for me last year, then did the upgrade to 4.2.1.

    A really fine guy to deal with, super competent [he is an IT pro], reasonable prices and excellent value-for-money. I hope he stays in business for a long time.

  • Rizwan

    Android Root Guy ….Best Service ever,very knowledgeable and fast cooperative,give you right thing which you required , i think i did’t waste my money,highly recommended (5 star)

  • Kay

    Thanks – my phone is much happier now that it has been upgraded. It hasn’t crashed once yet and the battery seems to be lasting longer than under the old OS. I appreciated your advice on moving to Gingerbread instead of the newest OS.

  • Sharjeel

    Had to get my Samsung Note 1 rooted to work with Wind Mobile. Met up with Android Root Guy at a Tim’s near my home and got it done within 15 minutes. Quick and efficient. Thanks.

  • Min

    I used the Unlimited Internet Data plan service for my Nexus 7 tablet. Android Root Guy was very knowledgable and helpful. The communication was great and he gave all answers for my all questions very well. I will give 5 stars for his service. Thank you so much!!

  • Kyle

    I needed to have my Galaxy Note I unlocked and modded to work with Wind’s network. The process was very quick and professionally done. Was very willing to answer any questions during the process and fully explained how to maintain the modifications after the process had finished. If anyone needs unlocking/modification to their phone, I highly recommend Android Root Guy.

  • Broken3nglish

    Thank you very much sir. Android Guy you are the best thing since sliced bread. I called you in a bind and you helped me out no questions asked. I will Highly recommend your services. 10+

  • Steve

    Thanks. phones works perfectly

  • Indy

    Android Root Guy – simply GENIUS.He was my last source to fix my S2 and guess what,he did it within 30 minutes highly recommended.Thank you

  • Lee Henderson

    He was a life saver!!! Took my One S and got it up and running so much better then it was. He put CyanogenMod on my phone and I will never go back to stock.. Amazing job.. Thanks your a life saver.


  • Matt

    Hard bricked my phone, emailed a few people and Android Guy is the only one that responded and right away. Was willing to meet up right away, and got my phone back really fast as well. The service was fast and well done, thank you again Android Guy!

  • Adam John

    Very professional, great pricing, fast service, trust worthy and honest. Also, great customer service after the work is done, if and when I have a question, ARG is always quick to help.

  • Todd

    My LG 2X was restarting on its own. I had someone try to fix it and they bricked it. Android Guy installed new software and removed the factory flash screen. Phone runs very smooth and no problems. Excellent customer service and quality work done fast.

    Thanks Android Guy

  • Chandler Dzula

    The best of the best out there! This guy is legit, knows what he is doing, is very professional and most importantly resolved my problem with my HTC One! I would recommend him to absolutely anyone. Try it, I guarantee you will not be disappointed. I will be coming back to him if any future problems arise! Thanks AndroidRootGuy!

  • Emilio

    Great service. I needed someone to flash stock Jelly Bean 4.3 on my Nexus 4 as I’m not tech-savvy enough to do it myself, and ARG was able to meet with me promptly. If I have any software problems in the future I’ll definitely contact him again.

  • Mark

    Fixed my s4 problem fast and smooth. great pricing! answered my email fast than any other. greatly recommended!

  • Ryan

    Android Root Guy was amazing!!!

    He unlocked and converted my HTC One on Rogers to the Google Edition.

    Got my OTA upgrade to Jelly Bean 4.3 as well without any issues.

    Amazing Job…
    Highly Recommended

  • Omar

    I was amazed how quickly Android Root Guy was able to fix (Soft Brick) my HTC One X+ for which I am very thankful. I highly recommend the Android Root Guy.

  • Todd

    Android Root Guy is as good as they come. I’ve used his service in the past and didn’t hesitate when I wanted another phone rooted. He’s fast, knowledgeable and professional. I will be definitely be using his service again. Highly recommended.

  • Brett

    Android root guy was fast, effective and efficient. He took the time to explain things and made the rooting process look easy.

    Highly recommended!

  • Talha

    I was impressed with the service from the Android root guy. Not only did he unlock and modify my note 2 to work with Wind, he did it in half the time I expected it to take. Definitely will do come to him again. Thank you!

  • Rebecca

    Android Root Guy is GREAT! He is extremely quick with replying emails. He also explained each step he was taking when converting my HTC One to Google Edition on my phone so I don’t feel left out. A process which should normally take 1 hour only took around 30 mins for him!

    If I have any other problems with my phones, I will definitely find him again! Highly recommended! Great service, great price!

  • Sheldon

    The service i got was very professional and convienient. I had my Samsung S4 modified to work on the Wind network, everything works as it should. I would definately recomend to others. Thank you!

  • Max

    This feedback is coming from a guy who knows Android device hacking and Linux programming. AndroidRootGuy is extremely knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to Samsung devices! He used advanced JTAG recovery and serial debugging tools to not only revive my hard-bricked Galaxy S3, he also managed to successfully program my original IMEI that had been lost completely. All within an hour and a half. Hats off to him!

  • andrew

    great service, quick easy and a nice guy to boot. fully recommend!

  • Shah

    I just had my Note2 converted for Wind mobile by Android Root Guy. The entire process took just a few mins.

    He’s knowledgeable and extremely professional. I would use his service again and recommend him to everyone. Keep up the good work. Cheers..

  • Gabe

    Just had my phone un-bricked from a hardbrick. It took 30 mins and he even gave me information on how to make sure it didn’t happen again. I definetely recommend him for anyone encoutering problems.

  • Eric

    He un-bricked my phone in less than an hour, honestly advised risks on the restoration and offered sessions for advanced self fix, where i had 2 apparently reputed phone shops/dealer surrendered to fix, including the phone company almost ripped me for around same amount to buy a new phone. Would highly recommend his services Hats off to you!

  • JJ

    More than pleased to do business with. Un-Bricked a softly-bricked S3 to stock ROM. Process took less than 30 minutes. Very knowledgeable, flexible time, highly recommend to everyone. Best part, lowest price for a very professional service in the GTA! Before going to someone else for advice/repair email the ‘Android Root Guy’ for a quote, you won’t be disappointed!

  • Victor_Creed

    Helped me get back to a stock rom. Quickly, and easily. I’ll definitely recommend to others.

  • Dan_F

    Really great service, bricked my Samsung, sent it through the mail. The work was done basically the night the phone showed up in Mississauga and was sent back out the next day. Couldn’t ask for a smoother experience. Definitely will be recommending this service.

  • TJ

    Android Root Guy is a great root expert. As his first Kitkat customer he managed to make my nexus 7 work again after a fail upgrade I made myself. I recommended him to fix android devices as he is very knowledgeable of Android since froyo version.

  • Kofi

    quick professional service… just made my day seeing my S3 power on again. Will highly recommend androidrootguy

  • Troy Mitchell

    Incredibly nice guy, fixed my IMEI issue that nowhere else knew how to deal with. Even gave me things to try beforehand so that I wouldn’t need to pay for a fix. Would recommend his services for anyone in trouble.

  • adam w

    Great guy has missing baseband n no imei but fixed it when no one else could

  • Phil Parker

    Awesome Guy! Service was quick, he was polite and courteous, does exactly what he says for the straight up fee he promises with no need to send your phone off to some stranger. Great Service!!!!

  • Ben D.

    The service I received truly exceeded my expectations. The Android Root Guy was prompt and professional from initial contact all the way to the service he performed on my device, which was to convert my HTC One to the Google Edition. I would highly recommend his services. You will not be disappointed.

  • A

    very rude and impolite!! if u think u can delete my comment because it’s your website, I will make sure I post it somewhere else from now!!! I called him, he sounded half drunk, kept bitching around,I was like I want my mobile to work with mobilcity, he was like I will make it work with chatr. you remember me??

  • AndroidRootGuy

    Thank you for feedback. However I told you three times i can show it to you working with wind as i don’t carry a mobilicity chip and wind and Mobilicity use same frequencies. If you can’t understand properly, sorry I cant help.

  • Vadim

    It was quick and as promised! unlocking my FIDO phone! Thank U!

  • T Ng

    It was great service to unlocking and moifying my S4 from Fido to work on mobicity network.Also,help to cut sim without extra charge.Much appericated .Thanks.

  • Dave

    Android Root Guy helped me to remove a custom ROM from my HTC One x. I found him on Kijiji after contacting several repair facilities who could not help me out. I could tell from the very first contact that he was competent and I also appreciated his excellent communication skills. I drove all the way from Richmond Hill to meet him and within 15 minutes my phone was fully restored. Thanks AndroidRootGuy! I’m definitely saving your contact info for future reference.

  • Ray

    awesome job… got my rogers phone Note II to work with wind network in 10 minutes. tested it 3 times to make sure it is working before he leaves.. Thanks

  • Tom

    Went to go get more familiar with the rooting and using odin and all the fun interesting stuff. Was definitely not watching the time. Answered all my questions and wasn’t the type to judge. Nice guy all around. Learned quite a bit. Will definitely recommend him for ALL you android inquiries.

  • lwile

    I hard-bricked my Samsung GS3 i747. Android Root Guy was great, patient, professional, and quick. His recovery was perfect. I would not hesitate to go to him or to recommend him to anyone.

  • atila

    fantastic service. went today with my samsung galaxy note 1 and wanted it to work with wind mobile. android root guy fixed did it in 20 min. the phone now works perfectly fine. highly recommended..

  • Lamar

    This guy is the best!!! He did what no other tech could do. Will definitely utilize him in the future.

  • Kevin T

    Really great service, quick and professional. Would return for JTAG service if needed once more!

  • Chris

    This guy is amazing!!! I had already asked 3 other guys to unlock my htc one,but none of them can did. They said my phone imei doesnt exist. But this guy did it!!! Definitely recommend to anyone!!!

  • A. Bilal Aslam

    Android Root Guy is the Guy!! or the Man!!!!!
    You know how everyone says, “I have/know a guy!” this is the guy you should know for all your android related concerns.
    He was able to load 4.3 on my Xperia Z1 and that was me after trying 4 different people who said that it can’t be done.
    My Z1 doesn’t have any bloatware and it runs so much smoother and efficiently now.
    Thanks Android Root Guy!

  • Ben Cheung

    This guy REALLY knows his stuff. he was able to fix my Hardbricked Samsung galaxy S3 in a matter of 30 mins. I also took a lesson from him about how to root my phone and everything. He was very nice and was able to give me information and files that I would need if anything was to happen again

    Once again I say. I would recommend him to anyone!

  • Tic

    Quick, fast and efficient! No doubt in my mind that this guy know his stuff. Will for sure be a repeat customer as i will need my Z1 unlocked and rooted when i get back to the country

  • Fil

    First time trying this out, it was fantastic!
    He knows exactly what he’s doing, and is very professional and polite. If anyone needs help with their android phones, this is the guy to see!!!

  • lynntasta

    I Highly recommend Android Root Guy, I had tried quite a few others who were unable to unlock a Sony Xperia Z1. But with in hours I was given an unlock code
    that worked perfectly. I fully agree with the comments others have posted if you or anyone you know wants to unlock a cell phone do them a favour and send them to Android Root Guy .

  • winnienng

    I thought my HTC is gone since it was stuck at the recovery for like a day. He fixed it UN half an hour and now it’s Woking perfectly. Thank you! Would recommend his service anyday

  • darren

    Had my HTC One converted to Google Play Edition. Service was quick and professional, and the phone works flawlessly. Definitely recommend to anyone!

  • Audrey

    Great and prompt service. Had both a Note 2 and Galaxy S4 unlocked for travel overseas. Note 2 worked perfectly, still need to test out the S4 but am really confident that it will also be amazing. ARG offers great servcie at a great price. Also really flexible and polite! 5 Star Service!

  • Billy Cao

    Great and professional. Quick responses to emails and knew what he was doing. Would recommend to my friends.

  • Jason

    Great service. Very fast. Not a single complaint.

  • gayan

    Thank you for your help in fixing my samsung mega. Service was quick and professional.Your service will be recomended to everyone.

  • AH

    Thank you for your quick and courteous service!

  • William

    Wonderful Professional Service, Highly recommended

  • Brittiny Campbell

    Awesome! Professional. And quick!!!!! Thank you so much

  • Don

    This guy knows his stuff. He will take the time to talk to you about your concerns and put your mind at ease about your device & what he does. He will talk you through each needed step and tell you some that he knows is valuable to your situation. I will refer all my friends to him for their Android Root needs for sure!

  • Kenny-Ken

    Yup he does know his stuff, was extremely satisfied with the service he provided me, Also was super quick, actualy was too quick. lol no just kidding but hes quick and professional, gets the job done at great rates too. I will reefer everyone i know from this day on.

    Completely Satisfied! :)

  • Chris

    I’m completely satisfied with his service, went to see him yesturday. Professional and quick! had my LG Nexus 5 rooted from Wind mobile. I would highly recommend his services. You will not be disappointed.

  • Adam

    Very satisfied,quick and professional service.took time to explain everything I would recommend his service.

  • Dwight

    He saved my phone! I royally messed up my phone and he completely fixed and restored it. Next time I’ll get him to do my mods as opposed to me trying doing it again. Great work and thanks again!

  • Hassan

    This Guy is amazing , professional , and he is knowing what
    His work very well. So fast to make my HTC one m8 s-off and convert
    To developer edition ( I tried many times for 12 hrs to do it and I failed)
    He did al this in less than 1 hr.
    Reasonable price for his great work and highly recommended.
    If you have any problem with my android phone will not hesitate
    To contact him.

  • Joel

    Great work. Professional and easy to deal with. Unlock and modified the S4 to work with Wind in less than 20 minutes.

  • Alex

    Amazing work and very fast!

    Would definitely work with him again!

  • bam

    Fast! In 30 minutes revived my QHSUSB_DLOAD hard bricked SGH-t999v Wind phone

  • Sean

    This guy is hardcore technical yet professional, honest and fast! Got the job done as requested and Bell phone now works on Wind. If he hadnt done it we would have gotten a crappy carrier contract so thx very much for brightening my son’s day. Make sure you buy this guy a green tea – great service and I will definitely come back when i need any other technical services.
    I raise my cup of tea to you sir!!


  • Raf

    This guys is Honest and really good at what he does – this is the guy to contact if your having android troubles.

  • Keith

    Excellent Service!
    My HTC M8 phone was locked to Sprint in the USA and after many weeks of trying, I was unable to find someone to unlock it to a Canadian carrier. A day after leaving the phone, i was informed that the phone had been unlocked and was working the way I wanted it to work. The price was exactly as we agreed, and all calls and inquiries were handled in a professional and respectful manner. I wish I knew to go here when I first received my phone.
    This is the guy you want to help. I am completely satisfied.

  • Hicham

    Excellent work and service

  • Hicham

    The Android Root guy is the man! I own a
    work SII Galaxy phone. I had software that was maliciously installed
    and bricked the phone. I could not start any application , make a phone call,
    take a picture or anything. I needed to get content off of the phone
    before reseting it but could not get It done and
    the computer could not recognize the device. I called work support, I called my
    provider I even called data recovery labs with no luck. The Android root guy was able to recover
    the data, reset the phone and upgrade my OS. He always was in control of
    the situation and knew what to do. He explained the work to be
    done, the issue (which involved encrypting the phone) and the
    solution. The work was done in less than a day and I am very happy with
    the results. The Android Root guy is
    my recommendation for anyone with Android needs!! Keep up the
    fantastic work!

  • cubedc

    ARG is one solid and honest dude. I have a HTC and need it unlocked, many tried. He in 15-25 minutes did what others could not. I work at Bell and our Techs are not as good as this guy.
    I wanted to pay him $10 more and he turned it down , a very righteous dude.
    Hat’s off to the GTA’s top Android guy.

  • AL

    Got my SIII to work with Wind Mobile. Also took the time to explain how to keep phone working. Promised and delivered. Thank you very much man!

  • Nadine

    Great service, will use again and recommend anybody that needs their phone fix to use The Android Root Guy. I had pretty much given up on ever fixing my phone, but decided to use one last option. Best decision ever!

  • john

    my imei was gone and i thought my phone was done. the android root guy re-installed my imei and i was up and running again. i’d definitely recommend him to anyone and use his services again! thanks so much!

  • Tyler Pedrosa

    My phone was bricked and I was at a lose as to how to fix this issue. I drove from Woodstock to meet Android Root Guy. Best gas money ever spent! I’ll keep this guy’s number for future use and to recommend to anyone! Great guy, great service, glad I found him!

  • disqus_pbOciPXCs4

    I bought a samsung s4 locked to rogers model sgh i337m. I was told that I wouldnt get it to work with mobilicity. My friend recommended to get it unlocked from this root guy and it took 15 mins only!!!! I went right after to get my sim card with mobilicity and it works perfectly fine!! The root guy made sure it would work before I left by trying the wind sim and it worked.

  • Hammad

    The Android Root Guy was helpful, professional and very knowledgeable. I thought I had a big problem with my phone but it was just an un-activated sim card so he didnt charge me for his time :) Will definitely be back for phone related issues. Thanks.

  • aaron

    This guy saved my phones life. I was having usb issues and he worked through them quickly to bring my device back to the way its supposed to be. He knows what he’s doing and I will recommend him to anyone else who has issues. Thank you very much!! Saved me lots of money

  • Bluedaytoo

    Amazing talent with phones. Very professional and wouldn’t take payment unless his work was successful. I am in no doubt that I would call on his services again and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend others to him either. Excellent and honest, what more could one ask for.
    Thank you so much.

  • Mani

    Perfect job done on my dead s3. The guy knows exactly what he is doing and very resonably priced. I travelled 100+ km to get my phone fixed and never regret because he did a perfect job to revive my dead phone. Recommend to all.

  • Ben

    Android root guy saved my life. Haf a null imei on my lg g2 and he restored it for me. Excellent service would definitely call him again in the future and definitely recommend him to anyone else who needs his help!

  • Patty Moo

    Was very friendly and fixed my lg g3 imei. It works perfectly now!

  • Raf

    Fixed my hard bricked S3. Highly recommend!

  • Fraser

    Had a root performed and the service was great. Fast, convenient and everything works well.

  • Jack Weinberg

    I just had my phone “unbricked”. It was a pleasure to deal with “AndroidRootGuy”. Fast and relatively inexpensive – it was worth the one hour drive!
    He really knows his stuff!

  • Armani

    Affordable, quick, simple and hassle free the way it should be. I really appreciate it. Telus S3 phone now working flawlessly on WInd thus far from Mississauga to Etobicoke and internet might even be faster than before somehow. Would definitely recommend and will be in contact for future service needs.

  • Happy s4

    Great professional service. My imei problem on my s4 was fixed the very next day in 30mins. You can’t ask for anything more. Don’t have any concerns using this service, it’s top notch!

  • eric.h

    Service was excellent! Finally rooted my Sony z ultra and it took 20 minutes. Would come to him in the future if I have any problems with my android device

  • Sergei

    Excellent service! In an hour my black-screened (bricked) Samsung S3 was fixed, unlocked and even adjust to be able work with Mobilicity network. Even more the service was provided at short notice and almost midnight. Thank you a lot!

  • kris w lgg3 on tuesday at 11pm

    Great guy doing a great service…..
    He’s a descent human being w great professionalism….

    Trust any service he says he will provide.

  • adam

    Excellent professional service. My phone was fixed in a day, did exactly as promised and at a reasonable price. Highly recommended

  • Julian

    A+++ Thank you so much for your service in fixing my phone. Phone runs well. Fast service.

  • sandy

    Was so happy to be able to use our phone on the wind service and a good price. Thank you

  • Tim

    my som is very happy as this phone was part of his 16th birthday present and he thought it was ruined for good . thanks for recovering it back and in such great time as i was expecting to wait a 1hr or 2 as other shops said we may half to keep it 1 week.
    thanks agian for the great service.Tim port perry ont

  • bin zhang

    excellent professional service, good price and good price.
    Thank you

  • asif

    Very helpful and responsive at any time of the day,very good service and very friendly, will recommend no doubt.

  • Daniel D.

    The rootguy was very knowledgeable and strait forward. He was able to get my LG G3 to work on Mobilicity and Wind networks when everyone else said that it wasn’t possible. Thank you rootguy!

  • Hassan Khan

    Android root guy really helps us out when we need it. Great service and after the repair there is no issue at all
    Very nice

  • shenoy

    Hey all,I had two occasions to work with this wonderful person and on both occasions job was done in less than 30 minutes in Avery professional and courteous way.Am more than happy and would advice any one who has smart phone/android related issue,the Go To guy would be this guy period..all your android issues are solved with ease…Great guy..Thanks buddy.

  • Buu

    Android Root Guy is extremely knowledgable and professional. He was able to get my S4 back up and running and make it wind compatible. He was punctual and courteous and advised that no fee would be charged unless the problem was fixed.

  • Julien

    Wow ! Impressive services, Android Root Guy knows what he does ! He was courtious and always available. He manage to help me remotely and resolve all my problem even if we are in different province ! Thanks man and good job !

  • Scottie G

    Amazing service, fast and very knowledgeable…. thanks again, you kick ass and saved my phones life. cheers

  • AndyT

    Really knows what he’s doing. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs upgrade, unlocking & other things needed done for Android phones. You can just sit back & relax bec he’s very knowledgeable.

  • jakub w

    at first i was sceptical, as i tried everything to make my lg g3 work on wind. i was lucky enough to find this excellent service… it was fast and as soon as i got the phone back it worked beautifully. i would recommend his service to anyone .. cheers!

  • Jacky

    He was very helpful and really knew what he was doing. I tried to fix theb phone for quite some time but failed and he fixed it in half an hour

  • Refik Zdralic

    i would refer this guy to any one that has a problem with their phones…
    he fix my lg nexus 5 imei issue for less then 45 min… i was able to update to lollipop with no problem at all….
    he knows what is he doing…
    trust me,,, he is the best android guy
    thank you one more time for fixing my lg nexus 5

  • vishaun

    Android Root Guy is amazing – fixed my Samsung Galaxy S4 (Wind Mobile) in no time!

    I made the mistake of upgrading to Lollipop and couldn’t stand it, so I tried to downgrade back to Kitkat. I attempted to flash numerous firmwares onto the phone with no luck – each time, the phone was either stuck on “Samsung Galaxy S4,” “Samsung,” or “Firmware Upgrade Encountered an Issue…”

    Contacted Android Root Guy late Sunday night, met up the next day, and in less than 45 minutes the phone was back to normal!

    I would definitely recommend him to anyone having issues with their phone. Very knowledgable and professional.

  • nick kapioni

    A.R.G is awesome. I had a problem with updating my HTC One M8 and he fixed it no problem. Now my phone works and looks good too with the latest update.

    He is very patient, knowledgeable and you don’t feel rushed at all.

    I would definitely recommend him to any other android users out there !

    Thanks A.R.G

  • Bob Rock

    I needed to make Galaxy S4 work with Wind. ARG configured AWS in no time and it was good to go. Definitely recommended for all Android users! Prices are very good too.

  • sn0b0ardr

    The Android Repair Guy was fast and professional. I’m an Android power user and when I exhausted my knowledge attempting to repair my wife’s Nexus 5, ARG got the call. He had the tools at his disposal to get my wife’s phone back up and running and all in less than an hour! Thanks again for the help – will definitely recommend your services!

  • andr0!d

    Thank you for the prompt response AndroidRootGuy! My LGG3 was able to connect to Wind and Mobilicity in no time. Highly recommended, in fact I have another friend whom I just referred you for the same service.

  • Bakhtyar Zahid

    I thought my new M8 was completely done. Called up android guy and told him my situation. He told me that he could completely fix it. He even took time out to fix the phone because he had to go somewhere. I then dropped the phone off and he told me it would take 45 mins. I thought he wouldn’t be able to fix it and then as soon as the 45 mins were up. He gave me the phone and now it runs completely brand new. Thank you for your service! Its really professional.

  • tvg

    Professional…? Have you seen The Transporter? At least, that’s what I was thinking as he started to work. He came in, laid down his attaché, pulled out his laptop, and got straight to work. The way he moved in silence, the whole seriousness, I felt I was in one of those spy movies. He ran through it without a hiccup. I met him a 2nd time, same thing.

    I appreciate his promptness, speed, and efficiency. He’s a contact I’m making sure I keep in my phone. I would definitely recommend his services.

  • bluerage

    Good communication and prompt service. I would definitely recommend him.

  • Ali Atwy

    Good communication, nice to deal with, phone works great too! my G3 now works on Wind. Also, he is very accomidating schedule wise, highly recommend him for any of your phone needs.

  • Claudia

    Contacted the guy yesterday. Very fast response. Arranged meeting and went to get service for my phone. Very very nice person, accommodating, knowledgeable, professional, trustworthy. Goes the extra mile to fix your problem, even if not possible in the same day. Doesn’t take payment if procedure not successful and he take the time to explain what is wrong, why it didn’t work and what needs to be done. I will meet him again for service on my phone. Will definitely recommend him to everyone I know.

  • Liem

    My phone was serviced by him last week. Very honest and cool guy, gave me an estimated length of 45 minutes but it ended up only being 30 minutes. My LG G3 was out of service until I brought it to him and now its working perfectly! Definitely would recommend him

  • ClassiqueTom

    The BEST! Totally reliable xD took him 30 mins to fix my S3, it was the journey!

  • Simon

    he repaired my lg g3 today. he is great guy.

  • Chris

    Service done quickly and as promised on an LG G3.

  • Alexey

    Help to fix issues with Htc one m8.. Nice service

  • Karan Jiandani

    Did a great job for my S6 Edge!

  • Andre

    Very confident fella! Straight to business! 45 min – job is done. Highly recommended! Cheers from Niagara!

  • Khoi

    Android Root Guy system unlocked, rooted, and flashed Cyanogenmod on my Galaxy S4. Everything went smoothly and quickly. Definitely knows what he’s doing. He even helped to backup my files. Extremely trustworthy and professional. I’ll come back if I ever have any problems. Highly recommend!

  • Alexandru Stefan

    Polite and professional, I have no hesitations recommending him to all my friends. Nothing but praise for his work!

  • geebk

    I tried to root my s5 k zoom and ended up bricked and cz is a rare phone i couldnt find the stock files for my specific model but he found them and took him like 15 min to fix my phone im thankfull and trust him. ps he even gave me a copy of the stock files so if i ever mess with my phone again, great guy.

  • Bill

    I was about to go buy a new galaxy s6 because I who have a ton of experience with phone repair and rooting couldn’t fix my phone, sent it in for repair to my provider and they informed me that the phone couldn’t fix it. I took a chance on the Androidguy and I’m so glad I did. Not only did he repair my phone, I didn’t even have to leave my house to do it. Thank-you so much, I will without hesitation recommend him to anyone in need of any cellphone service.

  • DFree10

    Very professional and trust worthy individual to have you phone fix. Would absolutely contact him again for future issues.

    His service is fast and done at a great price.

  • bl

    Went to get my LG G4 that was stuck on emergency calls only fixed. I went to see someone else first, and was told that it cannot be repaired. I got a call from the “androidrootguy” and he was very professional and seemed to genuinely want to help me. I met with him, and he spent 2.5 hrs on fixing my phone. Saved me from a total loss!
    When I lost all hope on fixing my phone, he brought it back to life at a reasonable price. I would recommend him to anyone that has problems with their android phone. Knowledgeable and professional.

  • kk

    Amazing service. I called, made an appointment for the next day and got my Samsung Note 2 rooted and Mobilicity enabled in less than 1/2 hr. Highly recommend to everyone in/around GTA!

  • MB

    Inquired about getting my phone unlocked. He made every effort to accommodate my schedule and when we met he was very professional and efficient. My Galaxy S4 was unlocked in less than ten minutes. Then later on when I had some sim card issue’s he took time to help with that. I highly recommend his services.

  • Robert

    Switched my LG G3 D852 to work with windmobile. I was under impression this phone will never go with wind since it is not using the same frequency. This man pulled a magic trick and got it to work. All I have to say is WOW… Just when you think you know it all there is Adroidguy taking you to school. Thank you, I’m grateful for your work… A+ customer service and all under 30min.

  • TF

    I brought a LG G4 from Kijiji and was devastated when the phone wouldn’t make calls after a few days. I looked all over GTA and found this guy that could fix my phone. I brought it to him. He fixed it quick and the phone works perfectly great. I highly recommend this guys services. He did a very good job

  • Moe

    Yesterday I bricked my S4 while trying to install a custom ROM. Then I contacted android root guy. I contacted him around 6pm and he was able to meet by 830pm. He was on time and was professional through out. He not only fixed my phone but also educate me about what was the problem and why it happened. He also sent a follow up email today to check if everything is ok or not. So I would definitely recommend him with out any doubt.

  • Mike

    Brought my old bricked S3 to 3 shops, they all said it would take anywhere from 1-5 days to fix it. Not only was he able to fix the phone for a fraction of what the other shops were going to charge, he was able to fix it in less than an hour. I know my android stuff and AndroidRootGuy knows his stuff. One of only a handful of honest tech guys I’ve come across in years. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who needs anything done or use him again in the future. Top notch service!

  • Sandro

    Brought my bricked note 2 phone androidrooyguy did a great job he update my phone to 5.1.1 os and it works great thanks.

  • Tatjana

    Worth the drive from Kitchener. Genuine, honest & professional mobile tech help from my new friend! Definitely recommend androidrootguy!

  • joe

    Rooted my Galaxy S5 SM-G900A in about 30 min remotely with success. Very quick and professional service, highly recommend!!!

  • Kirk Dyer

    Pleasant and professional. Did exactly what I asked for, well worth the money.
    Rooted and added a custom ROM to my s4 in a very short time.

  • Victory_Kid

    Android Root Guy is the truth!

  • CHE

    Amazing job done, professionalism and very pleasant, I would definitely recommend him without any doubt. Was worthy to drive from hamilton.

  • Thunder204

    Extremely competent, professional and pleasant. Had my Note 2 up and running with a custom ROM before I finished my coffee. He’ll also follow-up with email questions if required. He really understands GOOD customer service. Very rare these days. I highly recommend him and would use him again in a heartbeat.
    Thanks ARG!

  • JJ

    Android Root Guy is the ONLY person you should go to when you need your phone fixed. I went to three different cell phone repair shops and NONE of them had no idea what was happening with my phone. I even went to a Samsung store and they couldn’t help me. My phone basically wouldn’t allow me to access data. Android Root Guy fixed it immediately. I left him my phone and I picked it up as soon as it was done. It’s completely nerve racking leaving your property with strangers but you have nothing to worry about with Android Root Guy. I urge you to do the opposite of what I did: try Android Root Guy first and the cell repair shops after for the unlikely event he can’t fix your phone. I wasted so much time (6 weeks), money, and energy so you don’t have to.

  • Barca84

    I needed to get my Bell LG G3 to work with Wind. After searching around for a while and almost everyone telling me that it’s not possible to convert from Bell to wind. I found Android root guy. He was very friendly and trustworthy. He did everything for me in about 1/2 hr and everything worked great. I will definitely be going back to him for any thing I would need. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

  • Matt

    Did a great job on my bricked phone. Restored recovery and then put on a nice ROM. Communicates well. Would strongly recommend.

  • Kevin Smith

    Android Root Guy has been taking care of my phones for years. Always a great experience and great results. He REALLY knows his stuff. This country needs more smart, hard-working, reliable, nice people like Android Root Guy!

  • Rizwan Piprawala

    I had screwed up my phone on Christmas by doing a failed attempt at rooting. Andorid Root guy responded to my emails promptly and rooted by at 10:30pm within 30 min. Great service and prompt follow up to. Thanks for your support androidrootguy

  • Brett Lutchman

    Very pleased with service. He was very friendly in person and made me feel comfortable. Fix my problem in 10 minutes.

  • Aidan Mastrotto

    Brought my Google Nexus 9 Tablet i bought which was software defective he fixed it within 20 minutes and everyting has been running smoothly since :) def would recommend

  • Josh S

    Thanks again Android guy!!!! He helped me in BC canada remotely. Got my LG g3 running on wind. The wind guys said it wasnt possible. Thanks Android Guy. Your the Shit!!!!

  • Hammad Arif

    This guy is one of the most talented and top notch technical person in the town. I almost gave up on my phone until i saw his AD and approached him, very down to earth, humble and talented guy he is. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, you will never go wrong with him !!

  • Inna Zakharov

    Fast, effective, very reasonably priced, and probably one of the only people able to make my phone work again. After contacting many different people, this guy got it done! Very satisfied with the service! Thank you!

  • tom

    It was well worth the drive to Mississauga. He rooted and unlocked my Samsung to work on Wind (while Wind tech said it wasn’t possible). I’m satisfied! Tom

  • Cyndi Z

    Very stoked to meet up with Android Root Guy and discover he is not a weirdo! He is in fact a great dude that figured out a workaround for me to get the Google Services framework on my Samsung S7 bought in China. Very efficient, no bullshit and well-priced. Thank you for making my day!

  • Fraz Iqbal

    Very very satisfied with his service. He did what I considered impossible with a broken IMEI on an HTC 10. The drivers and builds weren’t even out yet but he still figured out how to fix my phone. Worth every penny. Great guy as well. Very professional. Would recommend to anybody looking to fix anything android related.

  • Tiiu Suvi

    110% Satisfied with his service! He was able to fix my samsung s6 which was soft-bricked due to my own misjudgment on the rooting process! He was able to bring me back to stock, and even update my OS! :) Thank you so much, would always recommend him to everyone ! Thanks so much for fixing my phone! It works amazingly! Communicates very quickly, and is super nice! He is very knowledgeable and helps you learn what you may have done wrong. :D, he is also extremely professional. We need more people in the field whom are like him! One of a kind!

  • Zia

    Excellent service and extremely knowledgeable! He met me on short notice and completed everything I asked in record time and for an unbeatable price. Would definitely recommend! Thanks!

  • Sanju

    Great Service! Very fast and very quick. My phone had been softly bricked, he was able to un-brick and root it correctly. Great guy and diffidently recommend it to others!

  • Connor Visser

    Rooted my S6 myself and tried to flash a custom rom that was non compatible, I tried for days and couldn’t get it to flash the stock OS back on, I live quite far away so he set me up with a remote connection and I was able to just turn on my computer plug my phone in and walk away, I came back and the phone was running perfectly! cost me $50 and it was absolutely worth it

  • Nick

    Very nice

  • Sergii Pliuta

    Omar knows his stuff.
    Fast, reliable, inexpensive.
    I would recommend

  • Tim

    Excellent, professional service. Very satisfied. I was skeptical to do an email money transfer and do a remote clean of my phone. All went very smooth. Extremely satisfied

  • Howard

    Great service and great guy. He was patient in explaining what he was doing as he noticed it was of interest to me.

    Would definitely use him again in the future without hesitation.

    Thanks again Omar.

  • Mike M

    Outstanding service, very friendly and professional person.
    Was hesitant on meeting someone at a Hortons, but that’s really just for mutual safety.
    Both my wife and I had our Galaxy S6 rooted. Meeting was very punctual, and fast. Phones work fantastic, we couldn’t be happier.
    Highly recommended.